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Hermann Schäbitz

Master butcher & entrepreneur

The name Schäbitz has stood for excellent quality meat and sausage in Bavaria for many years. His traditional butcher’s in Munich is a third generation family business which has received several awards for the high quality of its products. He has been providing his fine sausages and Bavarian delicacies for many decades, for example to the proprietors at the Munich Oktoberfest and he was main supplier to the canteen at Siemens. He also manages many of his own butcher’s shops.

As supplier, partner and friend of Terra Canis, he is the backbone of the company. Terra Canis’s real food concept convinced him to not only produce his butcher’s products for humans, but to also exclusively produce our Terra Canis menus for us according to the latest technical and hygiene standards of a food processing company.

‘Normally pet food is not allowed to be prepared in a food processing company because the quality of animal food is normally too substandard (category 3 material) and lacks freshness and hygiene so it is no longer human grade quality. This is taken very seriously and checked regularly. However because Terra Canis only uses ingredients which are proven 100% human grade quality, we have received special permission to do so’, says Mr Schäbitz.

And this is celebrated at Terra Canis every day. Because it is the excellent ingredients which make our menus what they are.