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Dr. Yvonne Kosanke


As part of our team of veterinary nutritional experts at Terra Canis, Dr. Yvonne Kosanke looks forward to assisting you with all questions regarding our products. Raised in beautiful Bavarian alpine upland with a dog and cats, she already decided to become a vet at nursery school and then had the opportunity to study veterinary medicine in Munich. Through an internship abroad during her studies in a small animal hospital in San Diego, USA, she gained an interesting insight in veterinary medicine in the USA. Her doctoral thesis dealt with topics of veterinary anaesthesia. After her studies, she worked at a small animal hospital for several years. Her key interests were dermatology and cardiology -and, of course, anaesthesia and emergency medicine. Her patients quickly taught her that the right nutrition is extremely important especially for chronically ill animals as part of their therapy but also for healthy animals to prevent diseases and the development of those. She shares her home with two cats named Trapper and Pierce that keep her on her toes quite successfully. She likes to spend her spare time with her family and friends, she is a volunteer for the Bavarian Red Cross and likes travelling.