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Our breeder programme

The Terra Canis special offer for breeders

Thank you for your interest in our products. Terra Canis is the first wet food in pet shops with 100% raw materials in proven human grade quality, setting completely new standards on the animal food market. All our wet food menus are produced with lots of high-quality meat as well as fresh fruit and vegetables at a Bavarian family butcher’s. Unlike most producers, Terra Canis completely abstains from adding artificial ingredients or substandard raw materials (so-called category 3 material). This is a difference which you will immediately notice when you open a can of Terra Canis food: Terra Canis smells and tastes just like tasty, home-made meals.

A high-quality, natural and species-appropriate diet is particularly important for young dogs. The first few months of a puppy’s life pave the way for a healthy development of organs, bones and immune system. Which is why we recommend that Terra Canis is fed from the start.

Terra Canis can now offer you as professional, animal lover and partner, special purchasing conditions.

  • Your advantage as breeder in the Terra Canis online shop:
    save up to 25% when purchasing from our online shop!
  • When you order from the Terra Canis online shop you as breeder will receive 20% discount off your entire purchase. If you buy our packs of 6 (for 800g cans) or packs of 12 (for 200g and 400g cans) you will receive an additional discount of 5%.
  • If someone becomes a new Terra Canis customer through you, you will also benefit from our ongoing commission. This requires your personal breeder number (not customer number!) which we will send you by e-mail when you register. Pass this breeder number on to your new puppy owner and you will receive 10% commission on the net amount of every subsequent sale made through the Terra Canis online shop by this customer. This commission is settled quarterly.

Please note that all discounts only apply to purchases made through Terra Canis’s own online shop and not through other online portals. Our minimum order value for breeders is €65.

Here’s how:

  1. Register with our online shop at


  2. Send us a copy of your breeder certification to: info@terracanis.eu or via fax to +49 (0)89 69 33 41 599 with the subject ‘Terra Canis breeder programme’.
  3. After your documents have been verified your personal breeder account will be immediately activated. You will be sent an e-mail confirmation including your personal breeder number.
  4. The next time to you purchase from the Terra Canis online shop, please log in with the e-mail address you used when registering and your password. Your breeder login is now activated so you will receive up to 25% discount on purchases with a minimum value of €65.

We hope this offer sounds interesting and we’d be pleased if you decided to use Terra Canis at your kennels or recommend Terra Canis to your new puppy owners. We are sure you will love its quality and the results it brings to your kennels. If you wish to order or require more information on our breeder programme, please contact:


Mail: info@terracanis.eu, Tel: 089 693341 500, Fax: 089 693341 599